Scheduling FAQ's

Frequently asked questions in EveryPig Scheduling

How do I Edit a load?

You Can edit loads from the Plan page or the Scheduled Loads Page. Editing a load allows you to edit ALL fields for a load.

From Plans Page

  • Hover over the plan to be edited, choose the 3 dots on the load line you want to Edit.

From the Scheduled Loads Page

  • Choose the load you would like to Edit. In the Upper right corner click on the 3 dots; this will open a new menu for you.
  • Choose Edit Load
Edit Load
  • Once the Load detail opens you will need to Click ‘Edit Load’ in the bottom right corner to make the desired edits.
edit load 3
  • Once load is Edited and saved, updated notifications will be sent out to the Updated parties.

Edit load 2


Why is my Load ‘Incomplete’ if it's delivered?

  1. **Check to Make sure the Caregiver Accepted/Shipped the load in the Daily Check Up or from the Group level. Click 'Ship load'.
    Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 11.43.43 AM
  2. Check ‘Schedule loads’ to see if Caregiver/Truck Driver has accepted the load. 

    Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 11.49.11 AM
  3. Once a load is scheduled, all users associated to the load (Caregiver and Trucking Company) will need to ‘Accept’ the load. If they do not you can 'Force Accept' from the Load screen.

    Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 11.13.42 AM
  4. If these steps are not completed within the timeframe of the load's date/time it will cause your load to remain in the ‘Incomplete’ status.
  5. If the above actions do not change the load status, it will remain in the 'Incomplete' status. The load can be moved to ‘Archive’ but the status will not be changed.

Howdy I Lock a Sales Result?

  • Locking a Sales Results ensures that the information entered by an Admin does not get changed. In addition, if you would like to send Sales Results to FAS the Sales Results will need to be Locked and the load will need to have a status of Delivered.

    Sales results

How to Create and Keep a Filter in Scheduling?

  • Choose ‘+ Filter’ choose the parameters for the filter you wish to save
  • Once the FiIter(s) is chosen click ‘Save Filter’
  • A pop up will ask you to Save the Filers with a Filer Name; Click Save
  • The filter is Now saved and can be accessed from the ‘Choose Filter’ dropdown Menu in the right corner.



How to Close a Group with an ‘Incomplete’ Status

If you receive this error message

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 1.59.49 PM
    • Please check the load in the scheduling module to ensure the following has been completed:

      • Sales results have been entered and Locked

      • All parties have 'Accepted' the load

    • If you are still unable to complete closing the Group:

      • Go to Barn Sheets and open the Daily Checkup
      • Click 'Edit' Pig Movements
      • If in the Pig movements, there is NO option to Delete (see screenshot below, the first movement is not able to be deleted), it mean that the load was done using the 'SHIP' function in the scheduling tab, 
      • If there is the option to DELETE the load this indicates that the load was manually shipped using the dropdown list on the Daily Checkup and not the scheduling tab.

        Pig Movements Manual or Scheduled

    Steps to Correct Pig Movements to Close the Group:

    • Delete the 'Movements' that were done manually, by clicking the Delete Button
    • Go into the Daily Checkup --> Click 'Scheduling tab and click 'Ship' for the remaining loads
    • This will now 'Complete' the load in Scheduling and the group can be closed